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Email automation is like having your very own email assistant who works behind the scenes to send messages to the right people at the right time. 

Want a welcome message delivered when someone signs up for your newsletter? Done. How about an abandoned cart notification? Check. Post-purchase follow-up, anyone? Easy. 

With email automation, you can tailor your content based on the specific actions of your subscribers. 

Not to mention, automation can segment your list into different groups based on factors like demographics, purchase history, or engagement level. This means you can send laser-targeted emails to specific segments, making sure each message hits the bullseye and resonates with your intended audience. 

So if you’re eager to tap into the power of email automation but unsure of where to begin, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the essential steps to creating your very first Blastable automation. 

How to Set Up An Automation


1. From your Dashboard, navigate to Manage → Automations → Create New:

2. Name your Automation and select whether or not you want the Automation trigger to be fired a single time or multiple times:

3. Double click on the Automation Trigger action item (which is preloaded onto the Automation mapping field) and select which List or Segment you want used to trigger subscribers into your Automation:

4. Use the Navigation Bar on the right-hand side of the builder to drag-and-drop action items to customize your subscriber automation journey:

5. Action items include the following:

  • Choose Condition: Choose a condition to pull a contact into your Automation. For example, all contacts who have email address. 
  • Choose Event: Choose an Event to pull a contact into your Automation. For example, when a contact opens or clicks a certain email blast. 
  • Send Email: Send an email blast.
  • Event Listener: Subscribe a contact in your automation to a new list.
  • Copy Contact to List: Copy a contact from one list to another list.
  • Move Contact to List: Remove a contact from one list while adding them to a new list.
  • Split Action: Split your contacts down separate automation pathways.
  • Webhook: Move your subscribers out of Blastbale via API
  • Wait Element: Have your contacts wait for a certain period of time, for example before receiving the next email in the automation sequence. 
  • Remove Contact: Remove a contact from the automation and end the sequence for them.

Alright…you’ve learned the essential instructions for creating your first Blastable automation. We hope that it helps you to save time, increase efficiency, and deliver relevant and timely content to your audience. 

Once you get this clicked in, engagement goes up, conversions increase, and customers become happy campers, where they leave feeling satisfied and open to keep the conversation going. 

Now, go forth and blast like a true automation hero.


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