Building and Sustaining a Strong Sender Reputation3 min read

Having a good sending reputation refers to the positive perception and trust that ISPs and email recipients have of your emails. It directly affects your deliverability, which is why maintaining a good sender reputation is crucial for success in email marketing.

In this blog we’ll discuss ways to improve your sender reputation including our best practices and do’s & don’ts. Let’s get right into it…

Ways to Improve and Maintain a Good Sender Reputation

  1. Don’t use a signature file. Your subscribers are already on your list, they don’t need extra links and images. 
  2. Send from a real email address that works. Don’t send from free email addresses like or Use a custom, aged domain.
  3. Make sure your emails are responsive and super mobile-friendly. Use a large font so they can be read on mobile devices.
  4. Use free tools like,, and to check your emails and monitor your reputation.
  5. Quality and Permission-based Lists: Build and maintain high-quality email lists with subscribers who have explicitly opted to receive emails from you. Avoid purchasing or renting email lists, as they often contain outdated or uninterested addresses.
  6. Use Double Opt-In: Implement a double opt-in process where subscribers confirm their subscription by clicking a verification link sent to their email. This ensures that only valid and engaged users are added to your list.
  7. Segmentation and Personalization: Segment your email list based on user interests, demographics, and behavior. Sending personalized and relevant content increases engagement and reduces the likelihood of recipients marking your emails as spam.
  8. Engagement Tracking: Monitor key email engagement metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. ISPs value high engagement as a positive signal of content quality.
  9. Consistency in Sending Frequency: Stick to a consistent email sending schedule. Abrupt changes in volume or sending frequency can raise red flags with ISPs.
  10. Set Clear Expectations: During the sign-up process, clearly communicate the type and frequency of emails you will be sending to manage subscriber expectations.
  11. Authentication and DMARC: Implement Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), and Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) to authenticate your emails and prevent spoofing.
  12. Monitor Blacklists: Regularly check if your domain or IP address is listed on email blacklists. If you find yourself on a blacklist, take prompt action to address the underlying issues.
  13. Manage Bounce Rates: Monitor and manage email bounces. Remove consistently bouncing email addresses from your list to maintain list hygiene.
  14. Provide Easy Unsubscribe Option: Include a clear and visible unsubscribe link in your emails. Making it easy for recipients to opt-out reduces the chances of spam complaints.
  15. Handle Complaints Promptly: If recipients mark your emails as spam, investigate the reasons behind it and take corrective measures to prevent further complaints.
  16. Monitor Feedback Loops: Sign up for feedback loops with major ISPs. These loops provide you with notifications when recipients mark your emails as spam, allowing you to act on issues promptly.
  17. Avoid Spam Triggers: Refrain from using spam-triggering words, excessive punctuation, or excessive use of capital letters in your subject lines and email content.
  18. Regular List Cleaning: Conduct regular list cleaning to remove inactive subscribers. Inactive or disengaged users can negatively impact your sender reputation.

Overall, a good sending reputation is built over time by following best practices, respecting recipient preferences, and demonstrating a commitment to delivering high-quality, relevant content to your email subscribers. So be sure to follow these tips and enjoy the fruits of your labor with better deliverability and a flawless sender reputation!

Happy Blasting!

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